What are some of the characteristics of good carriers that you see in the market today?

Nice. That’s an insightful question. Look, we are experts on some things and not experts on other things. We are not experts on mobile voice. We are not experts on the consumer marketplace. We are experts at interconnect voice. Our expertise has been developed through years and years of designing, operating, and building, next gen voice networks and, in particular, next gen network management platforms. This is what we do. This is all we do.  We live it every day. It’s, as our marketing folks like to say, in our DNA. So, let me answer your question by adding the phrase, interconnect voice, to it.

“Ani, what are some of the characteristics of good carriers that you see in the interconnect voice market today?”.  

Now, that’s a question I can dive into and offer up my opinions on. First, let me say that carriers of all shapes and sizes are confronted with lots of challenges. It is a multivariate problem.   Market forces, technological changes, and a dearth of readily available talent to draw upon, are all combining to make interconnect voice a seemingly insurmountable challenge. But, luckily, it’s not insurmountable. In fact, we have several customers (both big and small) performing well, extremely well, under these conditions.

What we find common across these successful carriers is this:

1) A commitment to the technological evolution in the market: They want the capabilities they need to improve their effectiveness in their day-to-day interconnect voice operations. They don’t want to do it the same way.
2) They all recognize their need to embrace data management:Today’s interconnect voice market is data intensive. As a result, the successful carriers are developing extremely competent data management teams and methods
3) Automation, Automation, Automation: Eliminating, wherever possible, human intervention in the day-to-day operations is becoming not only a necessity because of costs, but also a competitive advantage
4) Network yield: The utilization and throughput of a network, needs to be maximized.  
5) Interconnect voice is still important: It’s not going away and can be an important tool to carriers. Let’s face it, if you need to grow top line revenues, few ways are as easy as interconnect voice.

I am sure I could go on and on. But, having the commitment to the market and the available capabilities is central amongst our most successful carriers.

Adios Mis amigos!