I'm trying to figure out how to manage the credit with my originators in the GCS ICP platform. Can you help point me in the right direction?

Absolutely!  You know credit management is one of the key pillars of good interconnect voice business management. Without it, you are looking at some potential risks to your business that could be catastrophic. So, let me dive in a little bit. In our ICP platform (we used to call it dRAM) there is Credit Watch. This module provides GCS customers with a dynamic toolset to track their finances.    

In our Credit Watch Module, you can monitor the credit while debiting it (regardless of currency) in one simple, streamlined capability. Features include: 

  • Real-time monitoring and debiting of credit limits

  • Ability to establish multiple alerts based on credit thresholds

  • Ability to update credit limits manually or automatically based on integration with payment systems or quickbooks/other accounting or financial management tools

  • Initiate auto-shutoff when a credit limit reaches a threshold

  • Track billing transactions to ensure a more holistic view of the account and identify when payments were made 

The credit watch module is a great tool that helps carriers manage all of their originators in a highly intuitive, effective, and scalable way. Additionally, it can be used to track your credit or balances with your suppliers.   

Check out the information about our credit watch module in our zendesk support portal.