Give us an example of something GCS does really, really, well.

You sly dogs! That’s a good question. We always talk about our scalability & reliability and, of course, our speed, but those are only tangible if you have used a platform that is unreliable, doesn’t scale well, or operates slow (of which there are a lot of you). Something that GCS does really, really well is our rating process. We are crazy accurate when it comes to rating of CDRs, in fact, we have had several customers compliment us on the speed and accuracy of our data. When doing comparative analysis, in almost every instance our customers and their trading partners have come to rely on GCS rated records as the authentic source whether it be for discrepancy, CDR reconciliation, invoice validation, etc. It’s one of those really detailed things of interconnect voice that requires end-to-end understanding and engineering, and it’s what separates the great platforms from the good platforms.

The GCS ICP solution is a great platform and when it comes to rating of CDRs, it’s pretty hard to beat!  It’s just something we do really, really well.

See ya,