Give me a tip on how to improve my interconnect voice business, please.

Okay, that’s an easy one. Which tip should I choose? Should I explain to you how we can help you improve your margins by focusing on network yield? Should we discuss how we can help you manage short duration calling? Or about our international Ani Zone Module and the whole EU/Non-EU jurisdiction? Oh, hold on, we can talk about our revenue assurance.  Hmmm…so many areas that can help your business…which one to focus on. 

I’ll tell you what, for this specific request I am going to focus on our variance reporting. We like that a lot, and some of our most successful customers use our variance reporting to help them manage their interconnect voice business on a weekly basis. Our variance dashboard allows you to quickly see how your voice interconnect business is performing week to week. It includes data such as minutes, margin, and revenue, and it shows you how that traffic performed the previous day and the previous week across those domains on a per destination and per hour basis.

So, this means you can look at how your traffic performed today vs. yesterday vs. the same day last week. This allows you to manage your business and your core strategic routes (if you have them) easily and share their performance with your team members.

This is a real-time system looking at the last 24 hours. Pretty neat, don’t you think? 

Just log-into our zendesk support portal and look for our dRAM home variance dashboard link under our how to videos. 

If, as they say, information is power, then with this information you will have more power to help you improve your interconnect voice business.