Does the GCS system help with fraud management?

Yes, of course GCS helps with fraud management. We have volume alarms on call attempts, margins, and revenue. We can help identify, alarm, and stop repeated dials from call centers. We can help carriers control shortchanged duration calling (a.k.a robo-calling) that eats up carriers' networks with, what one telecom exec, referred to as “empty calories” on the network.

We do all that and plenty more. But, we are not a subscriber fraud management system, we are a carrier fraud management system. We don’t do predictive subscriber behavior analysis that some of the fraud vendors claim. We don’t have a bunch of theoretical statisticians crunching through predictive algorithms trying to devise a formula to predict and capture subscriber/retail fraud before it happens.   

No, we are a carrier system and that means we help carriers manage carrier level fraud, which is out there and can be very costly. So, if you are a carrier participating in the interconnect space (which is practically everyone) and you need to improve the way you manage carrier level fraud on your voice network, call us. We’ll see if we can help you out!

La Revedere,