Does GCS offer an iXlink-like tool?

GCS is in the business of interconnect voice. We live and breathe this stuff all day, every day (exciting lives we lead, right?). So, rate management/administration is an important part  of interconnect voice operations. On a daily basis, carriers are exchanging rate decks and rate amendments with each other. These include rate increases, rate decreases, new codes, removing codes, Cli/Non-Cli, etc. All of this rate information needs to be received, processed and “loaded” into the rest of the interconnect voice management platform so that proper call routing is performed. Sounds simple, right? Well, actually it isn’t. First, everyone uses different formats (excel, .csv, .txt), and even if they do use the same format, not all carriers conform to the same naming conventions or header information for each file.

This means there is a big need in the industry for a tool set that can help address this. One of the well known tools is iXlink. But every interconnect platform provider has to provide the capability to address this issue.  

So, does GCS offer an iXlink-like tool? Of course we do. Just contact us to learn more.

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