Can we use our own cloud?

In the inimitable words of Sarah Palin, “You Betcha!”.  As cloud based services continue to become the norm across the technology universe, GCS is constantly exploring ways we can meet the permutations of cloud offerings carriers are seeking, including bringing your “own cloud”.  Our iPaaS offering (Interconnect Platform as-a-Service) provides carriers practically everything they need to manage the week to week, day-to-day, minute-by-minute operations of their interconnect voice business. We offer it via our GCS cloud which uses best in class infrastructure providers such as Equinix, DELL, Cisco, Internal, etc.

But, we also allow our customers to bring their own cloud! We have several large Tier 1 carriers that manage their own infrastructure, and do it as well as anyone (yes, even Amazon and Google). They don’t need to run it via our cloud or buy additional hardware, because we have built our application to be flexible, extensible, reliable, and scalable. If carriers have carrier grade cloud infrastructure of their own, they can run our application on their own cloud. Just another example of how we do interconnect voice here at GCS.   

Adios Mi Amigos!

- Ani