I have an in-house interconnect management system, but I am thinking I should go with a 3rd party solution like GCS. Why should I invest in a 3rd party platform?

My friend, first, congratulations on recognizing that you might need a 3rd party solution. That’s a big first step. I see tons of companies that think they have it all figured out, that their solution is “good enough”, that their solution has no real cost. What I can tell you, with absolute certainty, is that all those perceptions are wrong. There is simply NO way, NO justification, NO BUSINESS RATIONALE that would lead you to keep your current system, as opposed to investing in a 3rd party solution. It’s just wrong to conclude otherwise. That may be off putting to some, but we’ve gotta stop the madness! It’s 2018, and facts matter. Logic matters. Business rationales matter.

This is very similar to the “build vs. buy” argument we get all the time (you can check out our white paper on that topic here). It is mind boggling why telecom companies think they should be developing software and think they can do it at a lower total cost of ownership than software companies.

Anyway, back to your question.

Why should you invest in a 3rd party interconnect voice management platform?

The reasons are numerous and include things like: broader feature set, better reliability and scalability, better user experiences, just to name a few. But really, I can sum it up in a few words. The reason you should invest in a 3rd party interconnect voice management platform is because it will be better than what you are building, have built, or will build.

See, in our experience, selling a 3rd party interconnect voice management platform (our very own ICP platform), we have learned a lot. One of those things we have learned is that despite the biases, the “not-invented-here” syndrome or the “we are smart” notion, carriers are not software companies and need to stop trying to be one.

In your particular case, where you have an existing system, let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Are there new features you want to develop or need?

  2. What happens if you suddenly grow the business? Can your solution scale? How much?

  3. Are you able to easily input new technologies (hardware, software components, etc.)?

  4. What’s your cost to develop even small incremental changes?

The answer to these few questions will tell you what you need to know to answer your question. I hope you do invest in a 3rd party solution, and I might know of a company that has a pretty good one!

Your favorite GCS know it all,