Ani, you guys claim to be such experts, tell us some of the methods you recommend to manage interconnect voice from a wholesale perspective.

My friends, first, we ARE experts. We claim it only because it is fact. We’ve been in the game for a long, long time. We are great at doing this. In fact, we are awesome at this.

So, what are some of the methods we recommend to manage interconnect voice for a pure play wholesaler? Well, there are a lot. Most are obvious, but some aren’t. For example, of course you manage by your top traffic destinations and your top revenue destinations. That’s kind of basic blocking and tackling. But, here’s some of the other things we recommend wholesale carriers focus on:

  1. Network Yield

  2. ABR on attempts sent, not just attempts accepted

  3. Variance analysis by destination, margin, hour of day, day of week, and week to week

These additional areas of emphasis add a level of performance refinement in a pure play wholesale operation that many carriers tend to overlook, to their detriment. It’s easy to focus on the blocking and tackling and carriers always need to keep an eye on that, but that’s what our Interconnect Command Platform tool set does. We take care of the blocking and tackling so you don’t have to.

We like to say…

“We don’t make your network, we just make your network run more efficiently”.

Arivederci my paisans,