Ani, I see a lot of other companies claiming to do what you guys do, what makes you better than them?

First of all, let me just say, those other companies can claim whatever they want. I could claim that I should have been on the US Women’s World Cup Soccer Team, but that doesn’t mean I should have actually been on the team just because I claim it. So, now that we got that straight, let’s get to the second part of my response, what makes us better than the other companies in our space?

 Lots to unpack here. For instance, our routing engine is the most versatile in the industry. We have NEVER, I mean NEVER run into a routing need that we haven’t been able to support. Our architecture, at the core of our routing engine, is a code based, real-time routing system. It is the right way to design a routing solution. It allows so many benefits: ability to buy at the most granular level and ability to route at the most granular level. We can route Origination Based, Destination Based, Service Level Based, Product Based, Trunk Group Based, Switch Based, SPID based, LRN based, LCAD based---ANY based routing (not Ani based, but we do that too).

 From there we are able to do real-time routing based on network performance, commercial constraints, revenue assurance, fraud concerns, etc.  

 That’s why we are better than all the other competitors out there. We challenge anyone to demonstrate how or why their routing engine is better than ours. We have customers doing billions of calls per month with extremely complicated routing needs to retailers with very simple routing needs and everything in between. At the core of it all, we are experts at routing.  

 But that’s not the only reason we are better than all those other companies (aka pretenders).  Our people are rock-stars in the industry. They know more, have done more, and have seen more than anyone else. Remember, we have been doing this since the late 1990s when VoIP was just getting started to today. That’s 20+ years of knowledge and expertise and experience. We’ve forgotten more about VoIP and interconnect voice and routing than these pretenders have learned! 

That’s right, I said we are the smartest and most knowledge in the industry. We are also the best looking!

‘Til next time,