Ani, What is your compelling value?

OMG. What a great question. Pretty much cuts through it all and gets right to the point, doesn’t it? I like the directness of the question. Sometimes, my marketing team can get a little too wordy, and that’s putting it mildly! But, back to the question, “What’s our compelling value?”.

GCS is a great company with great people. I always try and cite our people as our compelling value. Our folks are the best in the business at interconnect voice. Better than any other team out there. Better than Telarix. Better than CSG. Better than Pulse. Better than Digitalk. Better than Orcawave. Don’t get me wrong. Those are all good companies and have good people in them. Our folks are just better.

If that doesn’t satisfy you in terms of a response to the question of “What’s our compelling value?”, then there’s also this:

GCS provides contractually guaranteed lower TCO, ROI, & payback that is based on demonstrated performance and unmatched domain expertise. It’s why our customers, which include Bell Canada, Vonage, Frontier, IBASIS (TOFANE), Mediacom, Windstream, and dozens and dozens of others use us every day. It’s why anyone who is considering an upgrade to their existing interconnect voice management tool set should contact us. Who else offers a contractual guarantee of TCO, ROI, & payback? Who else can demonstrate real world performance? Who else has the support team that we do? NO ONE! That’s pretty compelling. Don’t you think?