Ani, We see GCS everywhere in interconnect voice, are you guys doing anything else?

What else are we doing? Well, first let me just say that trying to help carriers keep their “heads above water” in the interconnect voice business is hard enough that it seems almost impossible to want to take on anything outside of interconnect voice. We always look at some of our competitors who build switches, do IVR systems and subscriber management/provisioning/billing systems, and have interconnect voice as an additional thing, as, in a word, nuts.

We really have stayed true to our mission. We focus on interconnect voice. That’s who we are, it’s what we do. We are experts at everything interconnect voice. We don’t see us changing from that mission. Sure, we’ll dabble in SMS. But, really, we still believe in the interconnect voice industry and believe we can help our customers succeed. We are okay if the marketplace describes GCS as the “interconnect voice folks”.

So, I guess the answer is, interconnect voice is all we do! We might do SMS in the future. But, nothing will replace our mission of helping carriers succeed at interconnect voice.