Ani, How does the GCS ICP solution help with fraud?

Excellent question. In today’s cyber world we all know that fraud is just a fact of life. Just as some entrepreneur is coming up with a cool new app, a fraudster is coming up with a new way to steal. Some may think they might be the same people in some instances, but I won’t go there. In the world of interconnect voice, fraud is a constant, persistent challenge. I am not just talking about robocalling and spoofing which we all know is a pervasive, annoying, and serious issue that the FCC in the U.S. is making a priority. GCS recently announced our support for SHAKEN/STIR. But what else are we doing for Fraud? The answer: A LOT!

Here's just a quick list of things we do in our ICP (Interconnect Command Platform) to combat fraud:

We’ve got revenue alarms. We’ve got volume alarms. We’ve got margin alarms. These aren’t just generic alarms that email you when a threshold is tripped. No, these are intelligent alarms. What do I mean by intelligent alarms? I mean alarms that notify and take action. They block, they remove, etc.

Here’s an example of a pretty cool fraud alarm: We have a large customer of ours. They use our revenue alarm whereby our ICP compares revenue totals to a destination for the current time sample and the same time sample from 7 days ago. If that difference is greater than ‘X%’ and ‘Y dollars’, the alarm can notify the appropriate parties and block that traffic while the account team verifies the traffic with the customer. They follow up the triggered alarm by sending call examples to the sending customer, thus allowing them to validate and/or block the source on their network. This alarm prevents that fraud traffic from becoming a huge $$$ figure AND because our customer has notified their originating partner and provided call examples, the originating party really can’t dispute the traffic once invoiced.

We are going to begin emphasizing fraud capabilities in our tool set and development initiatives. As margins seemingly get thinner and thinner the risk fraud presents to carriers in the interconnect world grows higher and higher. But not to worry. GCS is on it and we are going to deliver the tools the carrier community needs to continue to beat back these fraudsters!