Ani, who do you think is the lead Cx executive for interconnect voice these days?

Let me just say, we have some really, really, smart customers. This is an awesome question. I hope my answer lives up the question!!!

Who do I think is the lead Cx executive for interconnect voice these days? Hmm…The question implies that it may no longer be the previous ones. No longer the COO, no longer the CTO, no longer the CRO, and probably no longer the CEO. Actually, I think the lead Cx for interconnect voice is…the C F O. Yep. The Chief Financial Officer, is the lead Cx executive for interconnect voice. If at your organization they aren’t, then don’t worry, they will be soon.

“Why are they the lead Cx executive?”, you ask. The answer actually is surprisingly simple and straightforward. The interconnect voice marketplace is a commodity. So, as a result, carriers need to do what all commodity based companies do: Lower the operating costs associated with supporting the commodity product. Lowering costs. That’s the purview of the finance department. These folks tend to be more strategic and financially motivated to make the necessary investments to generate a positive rate of return. And in the world of a commodity business, that’s what you want to focus on.

In 2019, these folks are the ones who should be making the decisions, driving the investment, and owning the P&L. They are the decision makers that vendors need to target, and revise their value propositions to include ROI, IRR, payback and TCO.

Ciao my friends!