Ani, Who are your best customers?

Great question. Man, our customers are smart! When I think about who are best customers are, I think about some of the big guys we have like Vonage, iBasis (now Tofane), as well as, Windstream, and PTGi… oh and C3NTRO. But I also think of some our smaller customers like Ricochet Global, GTL, and others. Our best customers seem to share the following in common:

  • Complex routing needs – U.S. domestic routing, International A# origination routing, QoS based routing, etc.

  • Better buying needs – Want to reduce their voice termination rates, gain better insight into their costs

  • Want to get more reporting and analytics, faster

  • Want to have a real-time system

  • Need scale, speed, and reliability!

Our beset customers share these traits. They are usually experienced in the world of interconnect voice and understand the importance and centrality of their interconnect voice management platform. They recognize that the voice business, particularly the interconnect side of the voice business, is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s just as important to have scale, speed, and reliability, as it is to have functionality. They are our partners, and we are their partners, in their success.

That’s why our customers are our best marketing & sales tool. Talk to any of our customers with us or without us and you’ll hear them say things like:

  • Great system, great support

  • Accurate and super fast!

  • Broad feature set

  • Excellent tool, designed the “right” way!

And while you are on the phone you can ask them why they chose us!

Andrea RonaThird Section