Ani, What makes you guys think you are so good?

Oh my! Do we come across a little arrogant? I do have a tendency to get a little boastful about what we do, and what we have done, for our customers, and how much they love us. Hmmm… But I actually do think we are really that good at what we do.

Our team is awesome. We’ve got Carl, we’ve got Brian, we’ve got Zed, we’ve got Cheryl…I mean those people are just awesome. Zed is just one of those genius software engineers, Carl is as good as it gets in terms of Next Gen network engineering, and Cheryl… there is just no one better!

So, our people are why I think we are so good and I am never going to apologize for shouting from the rooftops how great our people are and why that makes us so good as a company, as a software solution provider, and as a vendor. And that’s just one of the reasons I think we are so good. When it comes to our product, we challenge ourselves to deliver the best solution possible. So, how do we do that? How does any vendor deliver the best solution possible? Is it user experience? Is it scale? Is it the “quality of the code”? Is it speed? Is it breadth of functionality?

For us, we started with design. When we started GCS we came from a background unlike most software solution providers. When we started GCS, all of us had worked together at a VoIP carrier (ITXC). Some of you may remember that name from years past! This experience gave us an interesting perspective and insight into the challenges that the market was facing, and was going to face, over the years to come. So, we built a code based routing engine. What this means is that, at the core, every route has a code and there is a rate for every supplier. When our Interconnect Command Platform (ICP) receives a call routing request, we sift through our entire database and find the code with the best price and quality (if that’s how you created your routing algorithm).

That gives our carrier customers absolute flexibility to manage their calls at, as we like to say, “an atomic level”. This allows carriers to control every call from a quality, price, cost, margin, revenue, credit, off-set, fraud, etc. level. It allows our carrier customers to be in COMPLETE CONTROL

That’s just another reason why I think we are so good!

‘til next time,

Andrea RonaThird Section