Ani, What facts do you have to support your claim that GCS is the best interconnect voice platform out there?

Wow. That’s a pretty direct question, a little blunt even. But, I can appreciate the directness of the question.

Let me see, what facts do I have to support my claim that our platform, the GCS Interconnect voice command platform (ICP), is the best interconnect voice platform out there?

Well, there’s the fact that our platform processes, on average, over 9 billion unique call attempts every month! That’s a lot. Or there’s the fact that we have a list of customers that include iBasis, Vonage, Windstream, Frontier, PTGi, PGi, Mediacom, Bell Canada, and the list goes on and on. Just take some of our better-known branded customers: PTGi, iBasis, and Vonage. Think of the quality and caliber of these organizations. Think about the volume of traffic they do. Think about their businesses (wholesale AND Retail). Our ability to win and sustain them as customers is a testament to our platform’s capabilities, its scalability, its reliability, its speed…its performance! Show me another platform provider that can put that together with that caliber of customer continuously validating our performance.

Then there are the many innovations we were at the forefront of bringing to the market. Innovations that include: real-time call-by-call analysis, Big Data warehousing for reporting, U.S. domestic jurisdictional routing, international A # routing & rating, CDR Reconciliation, SaaS version of our solution, and the list goes on and on. So, there’s that.

Yeah, it may be a bold claim to some, but the funny thing is that I don’t think it is. When I look outside and see the sun and say, “it’s sunny outside”, I don’t think that’s a bold claim. I think it’s just a fact. That’s how I think about our ICP platform.

Andrea RonaThird Section