So, What’s this investment guarantee GCS is promoting?

Wow. It’s only the most awesomest thing that we have ever offered at GCS. You know, we have been at this game a long, long time. We’ve seen the market go through its repeated cycles of expansion, contraction, consolidation, etc. Through it all we have been able to continually improve the product we provide and help carriers maximize, optimize, and strategize their interconnect voice operations. Today, we have great, really great, customers like: PTGi, iBasis/Tofane, Vonage, Mediacom, Windstream, Frontier, and the list goes on. We wanted to shake up the industry and do what almost no vendor ever does: provide a guarantee. We know that upgrading your interconnect voice management platform can be a challenging task. It is complicated, can take a long time, and cause a lot of disruption. We get it.

So, we wanted to see if we could provide an economic incentive that would help our prospective customers overcome their fears, their uncertainties, their doubts (their FUDs), and feel confident in their investment decision. The best way to do that, we concluded, was to GUARANTEE that we would generate ECONOMIC success. So, we looked at the history of our customers and we realized that we actually do a phenomenal job of helping them lower their termination costs through our incredible dynamic routing capabilities. We looked around at each other and asked ourselves, “Should we do it? Should we go to the market and announce to every prospective carrier customer of ours that GCS will GUARANTEE our performance, and if we don’t, we will discount our invoice by 50% for the remainder of the term? NO gimmicks, NO tricks, NO small type. A straight up GUARANTEE”. Everyone paused, thought about it, and then, almost in unison, everyone said, “Hell yeah! Let’s do it”. That’s how we got here. We are super excited about it and we are challenging the marketplace and daring our competitors to put forth a similar effort. We don’t think they will because we don’t think they have the same confidence or the same proven track record that we do.

It’s why our business continues to outperform our competitors. It’s why carriers come to us. It’s why our customers succeed!

GCS – Kicking butt in the industry!

Andrea RonaThird Section