Metaswitch & GCS Tackle Interconnect Challenges

Read all about how GCS & Metaswitch have teamed up to tackle interconnect challenges.  Working together, we are helping carriers overcome the daily challenges of interconnect voice.  Check out Metaswitch’s website, their twitter feed (@metaswitch) or follow us on twitter @globalconverge.  Just another example of how GCS is Revolutionizing the way carriers do business with each other. Click here to learn more.

About Metaswitch: Metaswitch is the world’s leading network software provider, powering the transition of communication networks into a cloud-based, software-centric, all-IP future. We serve more than 1,000 network operators and suppliers around the world.

GCS & Metaswitch became partners in 2015 and are committed to helping carriers solve the challenges of the next generation communications infrastructure.