The “clouds” have arrived for interconnect voice

Well, it’s here and it has happened. We knew it was coming, and we knew it was going to change the industry. The intrusion of cloud offerings in everything voice has officially happened.  As carriers look to offer applications (of which voice is just one), they are looking at having everything delivered via the cloud, and the clouds that support the underlying applications might not even be theirs! It might be Amazon, Azure, or a dozen other cloud providers.

Moving to the Cloud

So, it’s time to start thinking about it. You know you need to, but you have been avoiding it. It seems complex, the security issues are concerning, plus you like having control, right? Besides, can it really be better to run your interconnect voice management system in the cloud?

Scalability in Interconnect Voice Management

You say you want scale?  Well, what do you mean by scale?  

Scalability is one of those often promised and yet under delivered “things”.  This –ility, much like the others, reliability, usability, extensibility, flexibility, are often crucial components in a solution but often misunderstood, poorly defined, difficult to measure, or some combination of all three.   GCS has been focused on scalability since 2011.