Moving to the Cloud

So, it’s time to start thinking about it. You know you need to, but you have been avoiding it. It seems complex, the security issues are concerning, plus you like having control, right? Besides, can it really be better to run your interconnect voice management system in the cloud?

Scalability in Interconnect Voice Management

You say you want scale?  Well, what do you mean by scale?  

Scalability is one of those often promised and yet under delivered “things”.  This –ility, much like the others, reliability, usability, extensibility, flexibility, are often crucial components in a solution but often misunderstood, poorly defined, difficult to measure, or some combination of all three.   GCS has been focused on scalability since 2011.

From Origination to Termination and everything in between.

At GCS, we sit in an interesting seat. We see how the industry has evolved and we have been not just front row audience members, but, also active participants. In fact, in a lot of ways, we try to influence the industry to move to a more organized, disciplined and predictable industry. To do that, of course, takes a lot of hard work, such as tools and a heavy dose of technology. 

Don’t limit your opportunities

One of the central components of our value proposition (increasing suppliers) is premised on our belief that ubiquitous interconnection amongst carriers is good because it promotes better marketplace efficiency and opens up opportunity. While the opportunity that is presented to carriers by being interconnected with each other can be small, in some instances it can be large and, potentially, game changing.  

Origin Based Pricing, Origin based Routing, A # routing, A # billing…say what????

So, by now, everyone should be aware that there is new regulation being imposed on calls that originate and terminate in the EU (see you later GB, I guess?), adding a new level of complexity to pricing, routing, and reporting. This origin based pricing basically means that carriers can buy and sell voice calls based on the origination AND termination side. In an industry where it has been the standard to price and route based on destination since time immemorial, this has caused…CHAOS!

RFPs - do you need help looking for a new interconnect voice management platform?

So, you have finally come to the conclusion that you need to replace your Least Cost Routing Solution, or your Interconnect Voice Management Solution, or your Interconnect Rate Management System, or your LCR file generator, or whatever you want to call it.  You’ve decided it’s time to join the rest of the industry and upgrade this portion of your OSS & BSS solution set. So, you start with requirements, and you realize that you need to capture what is needed, and what is wanted by the teams that will be using the tool set.