Next Generation OSS & BSS: The “aspirin” for the headache that interconnect voice often seems to be

We’ve all been there, right? Just when we think we have things all locked down and things are running “smoothly” in our interconnect voice operations, we discover there was some underlying, unnoticed problem that is starting to wreak havoc on our network, our margins, our finance, our sales, etc. It’s like a headache that is constantly recurring.

Least Cost Routing: Are you still using techniques from the 1990s to manage your interconnect voice traffic?

LCR, Least Cost Routing, Routing, Dynamic Routing, whatever you want to call it, it’s the core of interconnect voice. It’s where all of the business, operational, network policies, and performance metrics are distilled into the basic/fundamental question that is continuously asked in interconnect voice, that is, “how should I route this call”?

Maximizing value

We had an interesting discussion the other day. We were analyzing all of the features we pack into our ICP solution. Everything from routing, to rating, to CDR processing, to reporting, to alarming, to carrier management, to rate management, to rate amendment management, to CDR reconciliation, and on, and on, and on.